Uberization of Talent

In the face of an imminent talent crunch, a robust talent pipeline can give you tremendous competitive advantage. Our Talent as a Service(TaaS) solution has a readymade talent pipeline to lower your cost of onboarding and enable you focus on your customer.

Recruiting Flexibility

Hiring under the TaaS model offers flexibly manpower based on needs with no obligations

Availability of skillset

Specialized skillset by virtue of working on a variety of technologies

Cost effective

Eliminate the overheads

Is TaaS right for your business?

Unsteady workload: TaaS can be a great strategy for companies that have an unsteady workload, or when there are periods when there’s plenty of work and days when work is slow.

Rare skills: If your company is working on a very unique, short-term project that demands a hard-to-find skill

Cost effectiveness: When you hire for projects, you only have to pay for the services and not responsible for providing benefits, such as health insurance and paid time off

For Startups

Deliver on your most innovative ideas without wasting time in the regular hiring process, get things done at speed and compete with other disruptive companies

For Knowledge Workers

User experience is at the heart of any transformation and we have a strong pipeline of full Stack Specialists with extensive experience across various frameworks like JAMStack, LAMP, MEAN & Others

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The biggest challenges in onboarding are not just about finding the right talent but also reducing time to competency for new talent so that people are ready to hit the ground running when they join the workforce. Additional challenges include reducing the cost of hiring and countering attrition. We at Amoebainc address this by creating a reliable talent pipelines that provide the capability to deliver specifically skilled, ready to deploy talent that can productively deliver business outcomes as soon as they join the workforce.